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In July 1982 the Old Albany Post Road in the Town of Philipstown was awarded a listing in the State and National Registers of Historic Places.  This 6.6 mile section of dirt road from Continental Village to Route 9 was recognized as one of the oldest unpaved roads in the nation still in use.  The listings and recognition may be gratifying, but the honor is no guarantee of permanent road protection.  The ORS was formed by a group of concerned residents in 1984 to monitor the impact of changing times and to help to preserve the road’s unique character

The ORS Board meets monthly and is always open to anyone with questions or problems pertaining to the road or our community. Over the years the ORS has played a helpful role and served as a moderating influence on Town decision-making, by attending Town Board meetings and keeping a watchful eye on pending development and legislation. A family membership is $20 per year and helps us defray expenses for mailing, our annual open meeting and pot luck supper and other programs.  We hope you will join us.  Welcome!

A summary of the activities and achievements of the Old Road Society in its role as conservator and protector will demonstrate the range of its objectives.  Much of the focus is on perennial problems requiring ongoing attention.  Other projects have been successfully completed despite a lack of funds, limited manpower, and disinterest on the part of many individuals who benefit from the Society’s efforts.

* Consulted with Philipstown, FEMA, and other agencies to limit impact of drainage and paving project proposed for southern end of Old Post Road
* Created a beautiful bronze and stone historical marker which is installed at the corner of Old Albany Post Road and Travis Corners Road. Thanks to John Benjamin and Roger Chirico for their contributions.
* Road cleanup drives initiated.  “No Dumping” signs requested and installed.
* Neighborhood Watch signs placed at key points encouraging homeowners to remain alert to vandalism and theft.
* Helped achieve a unified Garrison postal address for the entire road.
* Historic milestones were repaired or replaced, enclosed in local fieldstone and embellished with bronze plaques.  Daffodils were planted at the bases.
* The ORS was foremost in protesting when the Old Albany Post Road was ranked 6th as a site for a solid waste dump.
* The ORS supported the objectives of the Steep Slopes Committee in Philipstown
* Joined with the Dirt Road Association of Philipstown to oppose widespread paving - an ongoing issue for all dirt roads in town.
* In opposition to a sludge plant slated for Route 301, the ORS joined the ranks of many community organizations.
* Town Board approval of uniform two acre zoning for the entire length of the Old Albany Post Road.
* A list of historic homes and sites on the Old Albany Post Road was compiled for the Town Planning Board, all of which were incorporated into the Philipstown Master Plan.
* The ORS alerted the Town Board to construction of a subdivision on the road without required permits.
* The ORS bylaws were amended to include residents of adjacent roads where interest was expressed in ORS membership.
* The ORS achieved official recognition from the Town Board on October 7, 1995 through the adoption of a resolution acknowledging the historic status of the Old Albany Post Road.  The resolution was presented by Steve Rosario, a Town Board member.

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The annual PHILIPSTOWN DIRT ROAD CLEAN-UP DAY will take place on April 6 (rain date April 7) starting at 10 AM.. We will meet at the Old Albany Post Road monument at the junction of Old Albany and Travis Corners Roads. Please dress for the weather, bring gloves, and wear sturdy boots or shoes. Plastic Trash bags will be provided. Please come and spend time with your friends and neighbors and help us do a little spring cleaning on our historic road. As an alternative, you can get a group of friends and neighbors and spruce up your own dirt road. One of you can pick up bags at the monument between 10am and noon. Contact the Old Road Society or the Town highway department about any large or hazardous items dumped on our dirt roads. Any questions please e-mail our President Terry Zaleski at or Glenn Lebwohl-Steiner at



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